Woman Immediately Fired After Showing This Tattoo (Photo)

A woman was fired from her job at a facilities management company because she had a visible tattoo of a butterfly on her foot.

Salisbury FM members knew that Jo Perkins, 38, had the butterfly tattoo on her left foot when they hired her, but a few months after Perkins started working there, the company implemented a rule prohibiting employees from showing their tattoos at work, according to the Inquistr.

The rule was reportedly meant to help maintain the company’s image of professionalism.

“The policy is simply one of covering tattoos. The policy is in place to ensure our employees and contractors project the professional image we want our customers to see in Salisbury,” said Ed Swales, the company’s chief executive. “(Perkins) made no effort to comply with the policy.”

Perkins, however, said she found it difficult to cover her tattoo while still following a professional dress code.

“The only way to cover (the tattoo) would be to wear a sock. I’m a businesswoman and I wear smart dresses to work, so that would look stupid,” Perkins told the Daily Mail. “I suggested covering it with a sticking plaster, but thought that would look unprofessional and draw attention to it.”

One day, Perkins showed up for her work with her tattoo visible and found out that she had been fired. She was escorted out of the building for her tattoo showing.

Perkins said she is now considering taking legal action against Salisbury FM, saying that they discriminated against her. She said she was praised for her work during her five months at the company.

“I’ve worked for many high-level companies in my time,” she said. “But I have never heard anything as ridiculous as this. I am consulting a solicitor, on behalf of all professionals with tattoos, to see if this action constitutes discrimination under inclusion and diversity laws.”

Source: The Inquistr, Daily Mail, Image Credit: The Inquistr