Woman Climbs Into Storm Drain. When I Saw What She Brought Back Up I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes…

I think there must be a special place in heaven for people who rescue hurt or sick animals. Putting aside your own comfort to care for a helpless, innocent animal is the ultimate act of kindness.

That’s exactly what this woman did.

She was walking down the road with a friend when she heard a strange crying sound. Looking around she couldn’t see anything, but then she realized the noise was coming from a nearby storm drain.

She realized there was a kitten trapped down there, and she knew she couldn’t just walk away and leave it.

Without a thought for herself she lowered her body down into the narrow storm drain, spoke to the kitten in comforting tones until it calmed down, and then lifted him up to safety.

They say that cats have nine lives, but we think this woman just saved one of his.

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