Wild Rabbit Spot Pet Bunny Sitting Inside – It’s Love At First Sight

Love at first sight! We have witnessed it in romance movies, novels, and television shows, and a few of us may have even experienced it firsthand.

Well, the video below gives us the idea that instant admiration isn’t only possible for humans – animals understand it, too!

When Bill opened up his sliding door to enjoy the shine of a balmy spring day, his pet rabbit, Pep, hopped over to rest in her favorite spot in front of the screen door.

Pretty soon, they weren’t alone. A wild rabbit was passing by on the wooden porch and immediately took a liking to the pet bunny. He turned his head enthusiastically towards Pep as she watched him through the net.

The wild rabbit frantically sniffed around the screen, paced back and forth, and pawed at the material, trying to find a way to get to the beautiful bunny in front of him. Pep’s owner chose not to open the screen, but he did watch from behind, enjoying every minute of it.

Being the classy lady she is, Pep was pretty calm about the whole thing.

According to the video’s description, it is mating season for the rabbits. Our wild friend may have thought he found a partner, but unfortunately, wild rabbits are not able to successfully reproduce with domestic rabbits.

Regardless, his relentless pursuit is absolutely adorable! His dedicated persistence and affection will make you smile.

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