WATCH: Newlywed 76 Year-Old Florida Man Shoots Wife In The Ass After She Refuses Him

In Lee County, Florida, a 76-year-old male shot his wife in the rear end, all because she refused to consummate their marriage. The couple had been married as of August of last year, and Donald Royce simply snapped due to not being able to get any action from his new wife.

However, Royce is claiming that the whole thing was simply an accident. This is what he told the police when they arrived at his house:

“I shot her and the gun is in my room.”

He then proceeded to tell police how he never intended to actually shoot his wife anywhere, let alone the rear end. Apparently his plan was to just plug a round into the mattress, in order to scare his 62 year-old wife.

His wife, likely soon to be ex, was treated for the gunshot butt wound at the Lee Memorial Hospital.


April Bailey is a neighbor, and she had the following to say about this bizarre situation:

“Holy cow, that’s ridiculous. A grown adult having a temper tantrum about s*x.”


Royce is being charged with Aggravated Battery for the shooting.

The New York Daily News reported on this strange incident. Check it out and be sure to share this weirdness with friends and family!