Video: Thug Hits Lady Cop, Gets Smug Grin Wiped Off His Face Seconds Later

Images that were taken from a video shot in a Florida McDonald’s (Photo Source: Facebook)
An incredible video is making its rounds across social media after a thug decided to harass the kids inside of a Florida McDonald’s. After a female officer arrived, things took a turn for the worse as the maniac then decided to punch the cop right in the face. Too bad for him, that smug grin he was wearing at the time would be wiped off his face for good just a few seconds later.

Although it’s unclear exactly what problem the man had with the children in McDonald’s, it was apparently so bad that it escalated to the point where there was a need for the people inside to call the police. Unfortunately for the thug, this meant that things were about to go very bad for him.

Before long, an officer arrived on the scene and merely tried to de-escalate the situation only to find that this man had no intention of complying. Of course, once patrons inside saw this, they decided to whip out their phones to record what happened next – and it’s a good thing they did.

As seen in the clip, the officer was holding the door open after telling the two-bit thug to come outside with her, but things didn’t go down so easy. After realizing that this man was looking to fight rather than follow orders, the cop whipped out her taser and ordered the punk to the ground.

Of course, just like everything else she said, this was ignored, but he quickly made things much worse. Showing just now non-compliant he was intent on being, the thug raised his fists as if he was going to fight the female officer. At about the one minute mark, the cop tried to physically escort the man outside – but things didn’t turn out as planned. Without warning, the thug cocked his arm back and punched the officer right in the face.

What happened in the next few moments has earned the officer quite a bit of praise on social media as she handled the situation with non-lethal force in a way that ensured that no one else would be victimized by this man. Although the thug was feeling pretty good about himself, it took the cop just a few short seconds to permanently wipe the grin off the punk’s face.

After being physically assaulted, the officer can be seen calmly removing the taser from her holster, pointing it at the thug, and squeezing the trigger. Just like that, the punk was shot in the groin area and dropped to the ground writhing in pain, but things were far from over.

Defiant until the bitter end, the punk took about 8 rounds of 5-second electric pulses to the crotch before finally obeying the officer’s demand to flip over and put his hands behind his back. Making sure not to be taken advantage of again, the cop then explained that they would sit there and wait, taser prongs still in the man’s crotch, until another officer arrived as backup to handcuff him.

This was perfectly done by the officer in every way. Although there are the typical liberal morons saying that she didn’t need to tase the man so many times, they’re quickly shot down by simple logic. Seeing how asking nicely didn’t work the first few times and only resulted in the officer getting punched in the face, it was time to take things to the next level.

This woman did everything right and is deserving of the praise she got – period. The left really needs to get their panties unbunched when it comes to police officers. After all, without law enforcement, they’d be the ones who were catching blows to the face.