Veteran Trucker Was Hoping He’d Never Catch It On Film, But He Does. Warns All Drivers

One truck driver was going about his business one morning, when suddenly an irresponsible teenager changed his life forever. Because he saw something horrible and knows that texting while driving can end lives, this truck driver took to Facebook to share a sobering message to everyone who uses their phones while their vehicle is in motion.

James Urbanski was on his usual route to work when one irresponsible teen driver almost killed him. Because what he saw with his own lives made him rethink his own life, Urbanski turned to Facebook to share the message with everyone who would listen – and now thousands have shared it with their family and friends online, too!

He shared, “I’m normally not a guy that likes to make a video of himself, but this is important..”

Scroll down to hear the entire message from this truck driver…

 While on the road, Urbanski witnessed a horrible wreck. It moved him and made him feel for the young teen who was involved.“All you people I see going down the interstate on your phone; barely looking up; almost hitting the back of people; sitting at stoplights not knowing when the light turns green — LISTEN UP…”

Whether you’re a teen driver or not, you need to listen to this veteran truck driver’s message. He knows what he is talking about.

“That right there is a three car wreck on the interstate. Teenage girl was coming eastbound in that lane. Lost control and smashed into the car that is lying upside down. It burst into flames and was on fire a little while ago. That car hit that semi and that was thrown up in a field.”

If you ever use your phone while driving this is what happens to people every day. Distracted driving is deadly.

“That’s an 80,000 pound vehicle going 70-miles per hour. And it ended up in a field on its side. So all of you people who like to use your phones while you’re going down the roads. Thinking a f***ing text is important or goddam Facebook. This is what happens.”

But that’s not all. Urbanski continued.

 “There’s a guy stuck in the car behind the one upside down. Both of his legs are broken. He barely knows who he is. Thank God he is alive. And this is in the middle of South Dakota. Do you know how far away help was? Thirty minutes.”Stop texting while driving. Don’t use Facebook while behind the wheel. You don’t want to wind up in one of these accidents.

“Moral of the f***ing story. Pull your head out of your a**es while you’re going at break-neck speed. You do not need to look at Facebook while you’re traveling a football field every three seconds. Got it? Thank you.”

Keep your phones in your pocket. Do not take it out while driving. Your notifications can wait until you get to your destination.

Have you ever texted while driving? Do you know someone who does?

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