Teen Goes For Massage With Mom, Masseuse Gives Her More Than A Rub Down

A California mother thought that she would treat her two daughters to a spa day, but their outing culminated in horror after what was intended to be a relaxing massage. The mother and her girls, ages 11 and 13, entered their respective massage rooms, but one of them was sent running after her masseuse delivered more than a rub down.

According to IJR, the family, who wish to remain anonymous, went to Massage Eden in Chula Vista. The mother believed that she had crossed all her t’s and dotted all her i’s by alerting the staff to the fact that her daughters were underage, and therefore, she expected them both to be taken care of by a female masseuse. Although she was assured that there would be no funny business taking place, what followed turned out to be her worst nightmare.

As the girls received their massages, the mother suddenly heard her 13-year-old daughter scream and run out of the room. Apparently, the girl had been asked by her female masseuse if a man could conduct her service instead. A man named Xaiowen Lei, 45, then entered the room and switched places with the female masseuse without the mother’s knowledge or consent. In the short time which followed, he was able to molest the teen girl on his table.

You kind of think you do everything you need to protect your family, and it kind of comes as a big gut punch,” the victim’s mother told 10 News. “I made sure that they had space and that they knew that both of my daughters were underage… The lady had gone back to my 13-year-old daughter’s room and asked her if it was okay if a male massaged her. They did not come ask me.”

Now, the family is seeking justice and has filed a lawsuit against the spa where the 13-year-old was defiled. Family attorney Jessica Pride revealed that Lei was not even a licensed massage therapist, and therefore, he had no business working at Massage Eden in the first place. The owner of the business has said that he was there as a student, which still does not explain why he was allowed to switch places with the female who was supposed to massage his victim that day.

Lei has since been arrested and charged with lewd acts with a child under the age of 14, but he has been released on bail pending his next court date. Meanwhile, there is a teenager who will never be the same following her assault and a mother left broken-hearted after doing everything she could to protect her child’s innocence.