Teen Boy Shot Her Over Snapchat, Shooter Forgot One Thing


When a young Utah girl didn’t come home from school, her worried family sensed something wasn’t right. They started searching, and the girl was found lying in a dry canal bed with a bullet wound to the back of her head. She was shot by a ‘friend’, who will now stand trial for attempted murder.

Deserae Turner, 14, went to meet her friend, a 16-year-old boy, at the canal because he asked her. Little did she know that the boy had plotted with another boy to kill her at the meeting. He nearly succeeded, too.

When Turner arrived at the location, she was surprised to see another boy that she didn’t know. Her friend ignored her concerns and told her he needed help looking for something he dropped, so Turner bent down and began searching on the ground. That’s when her friend pulled out a gun and shot her.

The two boys stole things out of her backpack, then left her to die in the canal. Thankfully Turner survived.

The boys have been charged with attempted murder, aggravated robbery and obstructing justice. They’ve also been charged for leaving the girl in the canal and stealing her belongings. The judge has now set a hearing to review the evidence and decide whether the teens will be charged as juveniles or as adults.

“He was supposed to slit her throat,” said Detective Brandon Muir as he testified at the initial hearing. “He indicated to me that he couldn’t do it.”

The boys had brought a gun as a back-up. When Turner turned her back on them and bent over to look for the item on the ground, the boys looked at each other, and one signaled for the other one to pull out the gun and shoot her.

Turner was shocked, when she woke up, to learn that her friend shot her. Her male friend had told his other male friend that he was sick of her texting him and sending him messages on Snapchat, and that’s when they hatched the murder plan.

Source: sltrib.com
Photo: America News