He set up a camera to record his dance — But didn’t expected 25 million people to love him because of it

A YouTuber that comes under the name of JustSomeMotion is what you might call a “talented dancer”

Over the years that he has been dancing he has worked on his skills, practising for hour and hours each day in order to master a very wide spectrum of styles, he has then managed to marry all of this styles to form his own mind-bending artform.

In the video below, he shares his unique dance with the world, while dancing to an electronic beat that fuses jazz, electron, and breakbeat, this German dancer shows off his moves.
The way that he manages to blend the traditional and modern styles together is like nothing I have ever seen before.

My eyes are truly mesmerised by his phenomenal moves and style! Once you’ve watched it I think it will be easy to understand how it’s amassed over 25 million views on youtube alone.