They Say He​ Is “Too Ugly To Be Loved” But He’s Just As Sweet As Any Other Kitty

There’s an old saying that some faces only a mother could love, and in a society so focused on appearance that would be true. In today’s world I’d like to think we’ve moved beyond that at least enough to show everyone some love and affection, regardless of how “ugly” they may be in our faulted eyes.

Meet Romeo, an adorable little kitten from Spain who watched on as his brothers and sisters were all picked up and given good homes while he continued to wait. They had said he was too ugly to be loved, but the truth of the matter is that he learned just how cold and cruel the world can be at an early age.

That was all until Laura Llacer from the Santuario Compassion Animal Rescue Center decided she couldn’t in good conscience leave this little guy behind and took him to the shelter herself, hoping still to find a family loving enough to add his little ball of playfulness to their own.

“He spends his days playing and calling the attention of the volunteers to listen to him. It seems Romeo was a kitten to which no one wanted to give a home because they said he was ugly, and now people from all over the world have written us to ask for him. We hope that the story of Romeo will help to end up with a lot of prejudices and teach us that what is important, what unites us, is the desire to live.”

People aren’t always the kindest creatures on this planet, so when someone willingly goes out of their own way to make sure they leave a brighter spot behind, it kind of restores your faith a little. Here was this little kitten in need, that no one wanted solely because of the way he looked, yet he’s one of the most affectionate friends you could ever ask for. If I was a Spaniard I’d march myself down to the center to adopt him as quick as I could, what about you?