Sailor’s Wife Shares Maternity Pic, Family SHOCKED By What Else It Caught

Pictured: Navy Corpsman Wesley Bedwell and his wife Nicole Bedwell
Pregnant and away from her husband, a Navy sailor’s wife decided to get some maternity pictures taken to document her pregnancy while the father-to-be was across the world. However, nothing would prepare the woman for the moment she saw the finished product – and even her family was shocked by what else the photographer captured in just a single photo.

Navy Corpsman Wesley Bedwell, 21, was deployed overseas back in November of 2016 and has spent the better part of his wife’s pregnancy nearly 7,000 miles away from her. However, just because Nicole Bedwell’s husband was so far away didn’t mean that he was going to have to miss the joys that come along with expecting a child.

Deciding to immortalize the pregnancy, Nicole took part in a maternity photo shoot with Traci Fugitt, owner of Traci Lynn Photography. The two would take pictures of the expecting mother while she posed with an ultrasound image and even a photograph of Wesley in order to incorporate him.

However, little did Nicole know, Traci was far from done as she got to edit the photos before sending them off to the pregnant woman. Once Nicole got the pictures back, she knew she immediately had to share the picture after seeing what else the photographer managed to capture in the image.

As seen in the image now gone viral, Traci photoshopped a picture of Wesely and Nicole together, showing the two as if they were together right before her. “It was just something we talked about,” she later explained. “I just wanted him in the picture because he wasn’t able to be here during the whole pregnancy so she cropped him in.”

Of course, the picture has already gained quite a bit of attention on social media with countless people singing the photographer’s praises. Not only was Traci’s vision able to bring the two together in a way that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible, but now, they’ll get to remember one of the best times in their lives forever.

Navy Corpsman Wesley Bedwell and his pregnant wife, Nicole Bedwell – Credit: Traci Lynn Photography[Source: Inside Edition]
“I cried, both of our families cried,” Nancy went on to say. “It’s been really emotional for me to have my husband gone my whole pregnancy, so the fact that Traci was able to include him in my maternity session was very emotional. We will never be having our first child again. He’s my family, so having him included touched my heart. It made me happy.”

In a twist of fate, Nicole has developed hypertension, and labor will soon be induced as her pregnancy has become “high-risk.” As a result of the health concern, the Navy was willing to send Wesley home, allowing for him to be present for the birth of his daughter.

While others in this country are so caught up with their own lives and interests, it’s easy to forget that others are far from home in order to keep us safe. Words can’t express the kind of person that it takes to sacrifice time away from their family in order to serve their country – but that’s exactly why so many Americans are grateful for our men and women in uniform.