Photos Of Obamas On Yacht Surface And People Realize Who They’re With (Photos)

Barack and Michelle Obama have taken a pause from the quiet island life they’ve embraced since leaving the White House and went out to sea with a few celebrities on a billionaire’s boat.

The former First Couple were invited onto music industry mogul David Geffen’s super yacht “Rising Sun” on April 14, joining the boat guests via speedboat somewhere off the island of Mo’orea in Tahiti, Daily Mail reports.

Other guests said to be present were Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and possibly Oprah, along with their spouses.

Pictures were snapped of the Obama couple romantically posing together on the upper deck of the boat.

Fifty-three-year old Michelle sported a relaxed look by wearing a pair of white shorts and a black tan top, her usually blown hair loose and untied. She completed her look with a brown handbag.

The former 44th President also dressed for the outing, with a pale blue shirt and beige pants, and a pair of sunglasses to signal his newfound status as a retired politician.

Hanks and Springsteen were not visible, but are well known to be friends of the Obamas. The two were among the artists honored by Obama at last year’s Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony, Travel and Leisure reports.

The Hollywood actor and the rock musician are also connected with Geffen, the American billionaire who is well known to host famous celebrities on his $300 million superyacht.

Other famous guests to have walked on its deck include Steven Spielberg, Leonardo di Caprio, James Packer and Mariah Carey, with Hanks and Springsteen being regular guests.

Local media also reported rumors that Oprah, another friend of Geffen’s, was on board the yacht, however, she was not among the group of guests who posed for pictures.

The luxurious 454-ft-long yacht was originally built for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and was acquired by Geffen in 2010.

The music producer is known to post Instagram photos of his famous guests on board, but did not do so when the Obamas visited on April 14.

The vessel has been cruising around Tahiti since March, earlier posts indicate, which was fortuitous for the Obamas.

The party had lunch on Vanilla Island, stopped at Le Taha’a Island, and continued on to Bora Bora.

The trip will end at the Brando, the luxurious resort where Obama has been working on his White House memoirs.

Sources: Daily Mail, Leisure and Travel / Photo credit: MariaMichelle/Pixabay, Visual Press Agency via Daily Mail