Officer Pulls Over Student And Quickly Realizes Something Is Wrong (Video)


A Wisconsin police officer stopped a local student for speeding, but helped him with his wardrobe instead of ticketing him (video below).

According to WBAY, Officer Martin Folczyk stopped a University of Wisconsin–Stout student for speeding. In the dash cam video, dated Nov. 30, the student tells Folczyk that he is late for giving a presentation in class and trying to find a friend who can tie his necktie for him.

Folczyk first asks for his driver’s license and registration.  Upon receiving that information, he works to place a knot in the tie.  “Probably not the best knot but it’ll work,” he says.  The student wisely agrees.

Folczyk then ties the necktie for the student, and even helps him adjust it. It takes the officer a couple of tries to get it right.

Folczyk let the lucky student go with just a warning. No word yet on what grade the student received on his presentation, but at least he wasn’t penalized for being dressed inappropriately.

Sources: WBAY, Wisconsin Police Department via YouTube / Photo credit: WBAY