Nurse Tries To Clean Up Newborn, Can’t Believe Eyes When Baby Starts ‘Running’ Away

After going through the trauma of childbirth, most newborn babies are content to snuggle up and sleep in their mother’s arms.

Not this baby, though! She is raring to go and ready to take on the world!

A video from Brazil has gone viral after a newborn baby was caught trying to “walk” away from her nurse as she was getting cleaned up.

“Oh my gosh, the girl is walking! Good gracious!” a woman in the video exclaimed in Portuguese. “Merciful Father! I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk.”

The video has already been viewed over 100 million times and people have been dumbfounded by this newborn baby’s seeming ability to walk straight out of the womb.

Megan Heere, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics at Temple University and medical director at Temple’s Well Baby Nursery, explained that the phenomenon is actually not uncommon.

“This is a totally normal reflex that babies have,” she said. “If anything, this video really highlights the reflex and is a good example of what normal babies do.”

Infants are born with a number of “primitive reflexes” when they are born, including the step or walking reflex which allows them to “walk” when they are held upright with their feet touching a solid surface. This reflex usually lasts for about two months.

So while this baby probably won’t be off and running anytime soon, it does look like her mom is going to have her hands full with her very active – and adorable – little girl!

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