Near Death Woman Wakes From Coma, Says She Has An Important Message From Jesus

When you don’t feel well, you often put off going to the doctor. Yvone Sklar had been sick for about two weeks with what she thought was the flu. However, Yvone discovered she had something far more serious than the flu when she collapsed. Yvone was suffering from pneumonia, and her coughs were strong and painful.


She was rushed to the hospital to get checked out, and once Yvone arrived, she spoke with a doctor about her condition. The doctor broke the news to Yvone that her condition was far worse than she anticipated, as tests revealed that her blood was now infected. Doctors told Yvone she was going into septic shock, and that she needed to be incubated and put into a medically induced coma, so her infection could be treated properly.

But, even though Yvone was in a coma, she was supported by loved ones. Her friends gathered every day to pray with Yvone, and ask God for healing. While in the coma, something amazing happened to Yvone. She went to Heaven, and started to see incredible images. She says that she even saw Jesus, and that he had a special message for her. Watch the video below and see what important message Yvone received from Jesus!