A Mundane Photo Of Three Friends Has The Internet In A Frenzy. Can You Spot What’s Wrong?


In our modern world, everyone who owns a smartphone is equipped with an HD digital camera. And since people love documenting moments in their lives, there are more photos created now than ever before in history. Not only does that mean the technology companies need to keep up with digital storage space, but people demand better quality and more.

The photo included here is just a simple image of three lovely ladies enjoying a nice fall day in the park. Or is it? When the image was shared on social media, friends and family of the ladies noticed something strange about the picture.

Can you see what is completely wrong with the picture? Hint: It’s in the foreground…


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While you might not notice anything at first glance, when you look closer and examine all the pieces of the picture, you’re bound to spot the missing element.

And as a result, this photo of three women on a park bench has left the internet in a state of confusion and suspicion.

In the picture, which was originally shared on Imgur, has recently resurfaced because of the strange optical illusion staring you right in the face.

When you look closely, there doesn’t appear to be a seat that the women are sitting on.

If the image is telling the true story, then these three ladies are simply floating in midair like levitating yogi masters of rural India.

Some people have explained that perhaps the bench includes smaller pull out seats. But do you think that is the truth or not?

In reality, this image is just one of the latest in a long line of optical illusions that have stumped people on the internet and across the world.

Here are three of the most popular optical illusions that we’ve recently featured on AWM.

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After Mike Pence was announced as Donald Trump’s running mate a few months ago, the VP candidate posted a picture on Twitter that includes an optical illusion. But this image might be more of a Photoshop trick in order to fool Republican voters into believing that his daughter was at the diner with him. In reality, it looks like he put her likeness into the image later as a lie to trick supporters into thinking he was with her at the table.

Another optical illusion that went viral recent includes a duvet cover with a black floral design and a red hula hoop. Tens of thousands of people are still puzzling over what it means. Can you figure that one out?

As for the bench photo, either these women are sitting on small pull out seats or the bench was Photoshopped out in post-production.

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