Mother Patiently Awaits Pizza Guy, But When She Opens The Door You WON’T Believe What She Saw

When a United States service member returns home from a deployment, it can simply be a magical  moment shared by them and their loved ones. Friends, family, or whomever, it’s relieving to know that that person is home and safe again. It can be very emotional, even for those watching!

For most service members, they choose to surprise their family, which often tends to make it much more special. Whether it’s their wife, son, daughter, friend, there’s no doubt that you’ll be shedding a tear watching a welcome home video.

This specific soldier however wanted to get creative with his return home. After coming home from his deployment in Afghanistan, his main goal was to surprise his mother. With the help of his brother, his mother was unaware that her son was even coming home at all!

The night of his return home, he pretended to be the pizza delivery man, holding a pizza box and waiting for his mother to answer the door.

The look on her face is absolutely priceless. What a special moment shared between this service member and his mother. The video captures it all!

H/T Thoughtful Women