Mom Notices Something Strange In Picture She Took Of Her Son At An Apple Store

A little boy was shopping with his mother when they stopped in an Apple store in Arizona. The little boy chatted with a store employee, and he immediately captures his heart. Before he left the store, the boy was presented with a gift: his own Apple iPod Nano.

Chase, age 8, was busy doing his homework in the store, even as his mother browsed. His mother noticed him talking to an employee, but she was talking to another employee. She didn’t think much of it, except that it was nice for the employee to chat with Chase.

The employee asked Chase what he was doing, and he reported that he was doing his homework. He was working hard, he said, because he is a year behind.

“I am in first grade and I should be in second grade, but I was in the hospital for a year because I have brain cancer and I really want to make sure I make it to second grade next year,” said Chase, according to his mother’s account on Facebook.

Chase nearly brought the employee to tears with his story. She ran in the back to find store manager Jason Greer. Soon after that, Greer approached Chase’s mother, Angel.

At first Angel thought the manager wanted to speak to the clerk she was talking to, so she stepped away. Then when the manager addressed her, she worried that one of her children did something they weren’t supposed to do. But the manager surprised her instead by asking if he could give Chase something.

The mother consented and the manager disappeared for a moment. when he returned, he presented Chase with the brand-new iPod. Shy Chase was shocked and thanked the manager quietly. They snapped a picture with Greer.

“What they did not know is that Chase is OBSESSED with time, it is one of the ways he copes with the anxiety issues he has from his ‘hospital life.’ It is his way of knowing what will come next. In addition, he loves music (Queen is his current favorite),” said Angel. “Chase has spent ALL night checking the time on his Nano and singing ‘We Will Rock You.’ They absolutely made his week!!!!”

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What a nice gesture!