Mom Dying On The Floor With A Bullet To The Heart. Utters Two Words That Terrify Cops

It is a sad reality that children get caught between their parents during a divorce. Getting a divorce is hard on the parents and the children. Some parents do not take the separation as well as others – they lash out.

Last year, James Ramey was no longer allowed to see his 10-month-old son, Winston, or even contact his son’s mother, Amanda Mangas.

Image Credit: James Ramey / FacebookThe courts had issued a restraining order. At the hearing, Amanda told how she was held at knifepoint by James, and he threatened to kill her. She was holding Winston at the time of the attack.

The restraining order failed to protect Amanda. Just this week, James broke into the Mangas’s house and kidnapped Winston and Amanda’s step-mom, Deb Mangas. James had a gun, and he shot Amanda in the chest.

If she hadn’t asked about her son when the police arrived, it would have taken them a little longer to piece what happened together. Amanda’s love and concern for her son allowed the police to act quickly.

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