Man Tries To Rob Bank- Dies On The Spot When He Sees What’s Behind The Counter

There are cameras everywhere nowadays. You are on camera when you walk into a superstore, a mall and especially the bank. Recently, one video of a man in a bank reached viral status.

A robber in Rockford, Illinois walked into a bank like he owned the place. The robber, Laurence Turner, walked into the Alpine Bank equipped with a gun. It was the middle of the day but that did not stop Turner. An armed guard, Brian Harrison, was ready when Turner walked in and fired his gun. Turner shot back and was in turn hit once. While trying to escape he was hit again in the doorway, where he died in a few moments.

Joe Bruscato from the Winnebago Co. State’s Attorney said, “There is no doubt in my mind the actions of Brian Harrison saved the lives of those that were employees in the Alpine Bank location on that date and saved his own life.” Chief Dan O’Shea from the Rockford Police Department also released a statement saying the actions of Brian Harrison were necessary to “eliminate and take care of the threat”.

Upon further investigation it was revealed that Turner was on drugs and he was possibly involved in two other robberies in the same area. So far, all law enforcement agencies have said that Harrison’s actions were justified. The video had a multitude of comments such as:

“Wow. Looks like the security guard damn near shot himself in the hand his first shot and had to rack the slide again during the shootout. Is this because he doesn’t carry a round chambered, and had to rack one in? Did he limp wrist it and cause a failure that requires a rack, or was it habit from training? Overall, however, great job gettin’ er done.”

“The last shot, the shot that got him down was NOT JUSTIFIED. He was running away, and the threat was over. The last shot was NOT a self defense shot. I have no problems with the first defense shots”

Warning: Graphic Content

Source: Mad World News
Photos: AWM