Man Rapes 8-Year-Old Girl, 6 Years Later She Gives Him Gruesome Payback


In November 2010, Zabhullah Boota, 56, was convicted of sexual assault and inciting a child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activity. By some cruel twist, Boota was actually allowed to go home to England, in Bradford. The teen he assaulted lived in the same town. Can you imagine? The man who was found guilty of raping you is free and back home.


The then 14-year-old girl took a knife and went to Boota’s house where she stabbed him as he stood on his front porch in front of his children.


The blade of the knife cut the main artery in Boota’s chest, but paramedics were able to help him. The girl was taken to the police station – she thought that Boota was dead and was ready to face the consequences. To her, her life had ended when Boota raped her anyway – what did she have to live for?11

The teen was charged with attempted murder. She pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of grievous bodily harm with intent, and the court accepted it.

The judge, Jonathan Durham Hall, decided not to impose the mandatory victim surcharge on her.


The judge looked at the teen and said that if any other person tries to force her to pay that fee – he would pay it himself. The judge said she had been let down by the justice system and wasn’t going to let it happen a second time.

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