A man lives with his wife and three children in this school bus. But when I saw the interior, I couldn’t believe it.

Three years ago Brian and Starla Sullivan of Renton, Washington, were sick of paying their incredibly high rent. At first Brian thought Starla was joking when she shared an idea she’d had: to move their whole family into a school bus. After the initial surprise the couple seriously considered the potential benefits. Finally they took the plunge, buying an out-of-service school bus for $2,800.

They moved in with their three children, Charlie (3), Henry (2), and Lincoln (3 months) but they didn’t want the constant reminders that they lived in a vehicle. So they were going to need to invest some time and love.

After a lot of hard work, their new home was ready, featuring a living room, fully equipped kitchen, and oven and even a fireplace!

Starla stilled wanted the kids to have a bathtub, so she installed a metal tub (big enough for now), plus a full-sized washing machine (indispensable for any big family). The toilet doesn’t even use fresh water so they didn’t have to hook it up to external pipes. It produces compost too, which they use as fertilizer for inedible plants.

Best of all, now that the rent is reduced from $1,500 to $500, they have as much space, fewer expenses, and can save more for their kids’ education. Plus, Brian no longer has to commute for hours or work overtime just to pay all the bills.

Check out a video of how they made it all work:

Even if they have to move one day, Starla and Brian explain that it would be to somewhere just as unconventional.

For now though, they’ve found a beautiful, creative way to meet all their needs. Has living in a bus ever occurred to you?

Source: Shareably