Man Finds Giant “Bubble” In His Yard. Pokes Stick In It And Captured Footage Goes Viral

A lot of people love to proclaim their love for the rain. They love the way a freshly rained road smells, the way the water slowly continues to drop from the trees or even that they simply enjoy being out in it. I’ve heard it all, and the only thing that’s even come close to me actually wishing it would rain more often is what happened to the yard belonging to the gentleman in the video below.

It had rained in his area so much that the water had seeped below the grass and couldn’t sink any further at an adequate rate, so it continued to pool right below the surface. This caused a massive bubble to form up in the yard of James Callender who decided the best course of action would be to pop the bubble and allow the water to collect elsewhere in his yard, instead of making a waterbed using his grass! The first few pricks he keeps localized, ensuring no mud or loose dirt crept up to replug the hole he’d just made.

Eventually he notices it may go a little faster if he pokes more holes around the base of the large lump, and proceeds to go at it like a high school kid after prom. One poke here, another poke there. He stands back atop the bubble and yet the water was still being retained, barely seeping out of the first point he’d made. This was when he decided to return to his original spot and try making that hole a little bigger, and then it erupts like, well, that high schooler at prom scenario comes to mind once again.

According to Daily Mail, this particular bubble was caused due to the membrane laid down underneath the layer of grass to keep weeds from growing. The water winds up getting trapped above and thus, you’ve got a very interesting and minimally problematic issue that’d be fun for the whole family to take care of. After all, how many times have you ever seen something like this in your yard?

It kind of pains me to think that instead of prodding the lawn as though it were some sort of cattle he could have simply given the original hole a bit more breathing room. Those are fairly sizable holes after all, it’ll take time before they look normal again. Then again, I don’t know what the long term repercussions of a water bubble are so there’s not much I can say… oh well. Here’s to earthporn and popping coming together!