Mama Dog Devastated When Puppies Die In Fire. But Transforms After Owner Makes Life-Saving Discovery.

Jessica Woodruff witnessed the unspeakable grief of a mother in mourning when her barn caught fire in Roseberg, Oregon earlier this year. “It all happened within minutes,” Jessica told Inside Edition. “It’s horrible.”

Inside the barn, four goats, a pig and a litter of three-week-old puppies met their fate, trapped and helpless. The puppies belonged to Jessica’s faithful Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix, Daisy. Jessica held Daisy back from the barn as Daisy attempted to rush to her babies… but it was too late.


Heartbroken, Daisy spent weeks mourning her seven puppies. When Daisy began refusing to eat, Jessica’s concerned sister desperately reached out on social media to find a solution for the grieving mother.


She took to Facebook to see if there were any local puppies that needed as foster home. A woman named Lorna Murphy responded.

Lorna’s 5-yr-old dog, Chloe, had died soon after giving birth to her own litter of 8 puppies. The duo made plans to meet the following weekend to see how Daisy would react to the nursing puppies.


The transformation in Daisy was immediate and incredible.


Lorna agreed to allow Jessica to take the puppies home until it was time for them to be weaned. Daisy responded in the most beautiful way.


“[She] is so much more herself,” said Jessica.“It’s amazing how much they helped her heal.”


All the puppies eventually went back to their family, but Lorna allowed Jessica and Daisy to keep the runt of the litter, Benji.


Benji may have been smaller than his brothers and sisters, but the sweet pup is getting bigger and stronger every day. If Daisy’s unconditional affection tells us anything, it’s that a mother’s love knows no bounds!


Check out the rest of the story and Jessica’s interview with Inside Edition in the video below!

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