Little Girl Refuses to Let Mom Have 1 Minute Of Peace, But Hilarious Interruptions Have Everyone Cracking Up.

If you’re a mom of small children, the following scene may sound familiar to you: you’re trying to get a brief moment of peace and quiet– not necessarily hiding from your kids, just taking a moment to yourself– but your sweet kiddos have other ideas… They won’t let you out of their sight!

As much as you love that your kids love you, sometimes it can be frustrating when they act as your shadow, constantly keeping on your heels. Other times, however, it can be absolutely hilarious!

The mom in the video below is trying to use the restroom when her little daughter, Noel, comes in to check up on her. “Can mommy finish going to the bathroom?” asks the mom.

“Yea, if you let me know– let me know when I can come in!” responds Noel.

But Noel doesn’t leave after that, she continually pops in to remind her mom to let her know when she’s finished using the restroom. The image of her little face peeking through the door is adorable!


People are going nuts of precious little Noel and the adorable video.


And, of course, plenty of moms can relate!



Even the moms of “fur babies” know this to be true!


How about you, moms? Does this scene look familiar to you?


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