As the winter holidays are upon us we all dream of a snowy white Christmas, peace and quiet, wonderful cozy moments surrounded by family and friends and a well deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday crowded busy life. Crafting has always been an activity that empowers one’s mind with a sense of tranquility and peace, managing to relax and comfort the soul and body whilst producing exciting projects and exploring one’s creativity and imagination. And what better time to start a crafting project than on the winter holidays? It might seem as a peculiar choice considering the many exciting events taking place in this period and the busy schedules we all have, trying to keep up with last minute preparations, searching for the perfect gifts and arranging party details and meal plans. But in this abundance of chores we recommend you to take a moment and breath, relax and find a way out of this hectic routine we all tend to fall into. You can even use this pretext to create and design personalized Christmas gift for your loves ones with a touch of creativity and own imagination.

Today’s ideas revolve around a technique we have found very appealing due to its low level of difficulty and incredible end results.The technique of paper mache is one that might seem overly complicated at a first glance but the truth is this method of crafting creative appealing decorative items is one very simple in essence and with surreal possible outcomes if done properly and carefully.

There is no right recipe for the perfect paper mache. the composition depending on the object created and personal choice and preferences. For a detailed list of several tried paper mache projects check out Ultimate Paper Mache and get crafty.The following list explores a variety of paper mache projects we have found beautiful and creative enugh to be a part of our list. We invite you to cast a glance at the gallery below and Learn The Craft Of Paper Mache With 15 Delicate Creative DIY Crafts.