Ladies Be Very Careful: You May Lose Memory, Hair, Nails Using… –

The problem with her health started from the moment she passed out in the bathroom. She never had any health issues before, but since that moment she started losing her hair and nails.

Once she reached the hospital the doctors immediately diagnosed toxic shock caused by bacterial infection. She got the bacteria infection from her tampons!

Because her health was getting worse the medical personnel had to put her in a caused coma. They decided to do so because it was the only way she could get the proper treatment. After eight days she was brought back. At first moment she could not remember anything and could not recognize her children.

The memory loss was a side effect of the bacterial infection which influenced the brain function. Also she had problems with her speech and found it hard to finish one sentence. On the other hand, her motoric function was deteriorating so she was not able to walk as well.

Her recovery process took two years and was extremely challenging.

Now there are many professionals that try to raise awareness among women in regards to the use of tampons. They try to ensure that women are aware about the health treats tampons have over their health. One of the most important habits that every woman should have is keeping the correct hygiene during the period. Also it’s important to change the tampons very often in order to avoid such health issue. Women should never keep the tampon for more than 8 hours because it might build perfect environment for creation of proliferation lethal bacteria.

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