Kids Line Up To Sing In Church Choir, But Keep Your Eyes On The Girl In Pink

I just love watching kids get up to perform. Whether it’s a school play or a church choir performance, it’s always fun to watch how they respond to being onstage.

Some kids get quiet and shy and barely move throughout the performance; others are born professionals who do exactly as they are supposed to and sing every line without missing a beat.

But my favorite kids to watch are the ones who march to the beat of their own drums. They are feeling the music and letting it move them – even if that’s not exactly what they were instructed to do.

Jennifer Patterson recently shared a video of her daughter, Loren, singing in the children’s choir at their church. In just a few days, the video has gone viral and millions of people all over the world have fallen in love with this exuberant little girl.

The choir was singing Zach Williams’ song “Old Church Choir.” The lyrics harken back to the old Revival days of the church.

Clap your hands and stomp your feet

Till you find that gospel beat

Cause He’s all you’ll ever need

He’s all you’ll ever need

I’ve got an old church choir singing in my soul

I’ve got a sweet salvation and it’s beautiful

I’ve got a heart overflowing cause I’ve been restored

No there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy

No there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy

Well, Loren proved she’s taking those words to heart – nothing is going to steal her joy and she’s spreading that joy to everyone who has watched her.

“In case you can’t find her she’s the one in pink and brown,” Jennifer joked when she posted the video.

You don’t really need the instruction – it’s hard to miss her!

Loren’s joyful dancing and singing have captured the hearts of so many who have seen the video in the past few days. Many have commented, saying how much they loved watching her and how she had brightened their days.

“OMG!! I love this video!!” Gayle Lowe exclaimed. “Had me smiling from ear to ear this morning!! I love it!!”

“Ain’t nothing gonna steal her joy,” Kathy Williams Frasier laughed. “I love this. She loves music.”

“She’s full of joy,” Betty Odom Lambert agreed, “love it”

One thing’s for certain – this little girl is spreading joy wherever she goes!

She definitely brightened our day! We hope we’ll be seeing more of her!

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