iPhone users complain Apple’s autocorrect is ‘ruining their lives’

What the duck is going on?

iPhone users are furious with Apple’s latest iOS update, accusing the autocorrect of “ruining their lives.”

Unhappy iPhone users have taken to Twitter to air their grievances about the upgrade, claiming the newest update incorrectly alters words in texts and changes correctly spelled words for no reason.

The 16.3.1 iOS upgrade was released last month to provide “important bug fixes and security updates,” according to the website.

However, users argue it’s more of a hindrance than a help.

“Autocorrect on iPhones hasn’t been this bad since the original iPhone,” one user tweeted.

Others claim the phone automatically adds a “z” after apostrophes instead of and “s” and another user claimed the “autocorrect will embarrass you.”

iPhone with autocorrects
Users are hating the newest iOS update.
Man texting on iPhone.
Some claim the update is “ruining their lives.”

“Not trying to sound dramatic but iPhone autocorrect is literally ruining my life,” one user declared.

“Is it me or is iPhone autocorrect actually atrocious? It keeps correcting words that are spelled correctly to a better meaning (ie food to good) even tho I had it correct?” another questioned.

Several users tweeted their autocorrect changed common words to men’s names.