Intruder Tries To Break Into House, But He Wasn’t Expecting THIS To Come Around The Corner…

Having your house broken into is an incredibly violating experience. Knowing someone else was in your home going through your things is very unsettling.

One good way to keep people from breaking into your home is to have a good watchdog. Nobody wants to mess with a menacing animal who might bite you or alert others to your presence!

If this video is any indication, this family never needs to worry about anyone breaking into their home!

A security camera captured footage of an intruder trying to find a way into their house. This guy was bold – it was the middle of the day!

As he’s trying to figure out how to get in he encounters a couple of the family’s dogs resting on the stoop. Although you can’t hear what is going on, you can see from the video that he is trying to calm them down and quiet them so they don’t let anyone know he’s there.

It seems like he’s gained their trust and he starts to feel confident that he can get into the house with no problem, but then something comes racing around the corner that he wasn’t anticipating!

We won’t spoil it for you – click on the video below to see what happened next!

While the other two dogs may have been easy to placate, this one wasn’t about to let any intruder into his home!

The guy hightailed it out of there, but we think he probably ended up a little worse for the wear after this encounter. Hopefully he learned his lesson and won’t attempt something like this ever again!

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