Once Inmates Discovered He Crushed Infant’s Skull And Laughed About It, Things Go Bad For This Man

Daniel Wilson, 35, was in the midst of serving a life sentence at the Potosi Correctional Center in Missouri for an unspeakable crime. As America Now reports, we can consider his sentence to be complete, as he has lost his life behind bars – thanks to his cellmate.

The man had beaten his 7-month-old son to death back in 2010. The child suffered a fractured skull and severe brain injuries, and reports indicate that Wilson thought the whole thing was a laughing matter. He was sentenced to life behind bars for second-degree murder.

He got into some kind of dispute with cellmate Brandon Kulhanek. No word on whether or not that stemmed from Wilson’s callous actions or not, but speculation has been making the rounds that Kulhanek was pretty sickened by the whole thing. Either way, the man got into a fight, and Kulhanek got the better of things. Wilson would be transported to the Washington County Hospital to be treated for injuries stemming from the fight, and he ended up passing away due to a crushed larynx.

This is not the only recent example of inmate-on-inmate violence that resulted in death. Over at a prison in Lebanon, Ohio, Casey Pigge killed fellow inmate Luther Wade by beating him upside the head with a cinder block.

“Pigge is accused of carving mortar out of his cell wall, like something out of ‘Shawshank,’ extracting a cinder block from the wall and using the cinder block to strike Wade multiple times in the head, ultimately causing Wade’s death,” according to prosecutor David Forshnell.

No word on what the beef was between Pigge and Wade, but the rest of us can use it for further inspiration not to run afoul of the law. Prison life is notoriously tough, and inmates tend to lean towards dishing out ‘prison justice’ as they see fit. Those that already do not have a prayer of seeing freedom ever again will think nothing of taking another inmate’s life to settle disputes.

Source: America Now
Photo: Mad World New