Cops Sick After They Leave And See What Server Did To Them Multiple Times


A group of police officers in Colorado stopped at their favorite burger place for dinner during their Friday night shift, and they were served by a seemingly helpful Smashburger worker during their meal. That employee didn’t tamper with their food at all, but there was something else they did the entire time that sickened the officers once they realized it.

Smashburger is a popular casual sit down joint that boasts great service and the best burgers in the 37 states where there are franchise locations. However, after what happened repeatedly on last weekend, the officers were left with a bad taste in their mouth thanks to what their disgusting server did to disrespect them and impress the other foul food workers there that night.

According to Blue Lives Matter, the officers hadn’t been sitting too long at the Smashburger in the Denver suburb of Aurora, when they heard what was happening over the sound system in the restaurant. The all too familiar anti-cop anthem, “F*** the Police” rapped by NWA, began to play and the server and co-workers put it on repeat to really drive the sick message into the officers who were trying to eat their dinner. Assuming that the rap would get the cops to leave, they employees were in for a surprise with what the brave men in blue did instead.

Rather than allowing the disgusting message to ruin their meals they paid for, the officers finished their burgers as the rap continued to chant “F**** the police.” Once they finished and left, they realized the soundtrack wasn’t an accident, it was intentionally put on the sound system and played on repeat to be grossly disrespectful. By the following day, the Brotherhood For the Fallen Aurora had heard about what happened and brought the sickening thing that Smashburger employees did to the officers to the public. These cops are part of the police force who stopped the theater killer in this city.

After a making a public post explaining what happened, making the big burger franchise look bad but also giving them the opportunity to do the right thing, Smashburger corporate responded with a statement of their own on Monday. Their spokesperson apologized for the unacceptable actions of these rogue employees and said they don’t condone what the server did or the anti-cop message shared in the rap. The workers responsible for this have been put on leave, pending an investigation into the incident, which will determine if the stay or get fired for it.

While so many companies make excuses for this kind of behavior, it’s commendable that Smashburger spoke up quickly against it. Now, they need to make it right for good by teaching these disrespectful employees that if they want to be anti-cop, they can also be unemployed. It’s sick that in a city that has seen incredible heroism in law enforcement first-hand, in the midst of mass shootings, that anyone would disrespect the badge. These employees probably wouldn’t be chanting “F*** the police” had they been in that the theater that night begging for their lives and for cops to come save them.