Camera Catches Woman’s Spirit Leaving Body After Car Accident


People who didn’t believe in mind, body and spirit may have a change of heart after they see this video. The accident in this video causes viewers to reconsider their beliefs about the supernatural. A tragic accident turned into a phenomena when a truck pummeled into a woman who was riding a bike. The women died instantly because of the fierce impact of the bike. What the camera persons saw shortly after the woman died is shocking and jaw-dropping. You will need to watch the video several times before you believe what it shows you.

The woman’s bike flew into a power pole the moment that the truck hit her. The cameras zoned in on a black outline or silhouette of the woman rising out of the body a few minutes after she died. The black silhouette appeared above the body. The video goes into greater detail about what happened to the silhouette after it separated from the body.

Viewers are forced to think about the afterlife and what they believe about it when they see this video. They will be forced to decide whether they believe that the spirit and soul live on, or whether they believe that someone used a very crafty imagery program. Be forewarned that the video is vary graphic. You will be viewing someone’s death, so do not go near it unless you have a strong stomach and are extremely interested in a possible supernatural occurrence. If you do watch, leave some comments about what you think.

H/T: Yournationnews