Hollywood Actor & 89-Yr-Old Form Inseparable Bond, But When She Falls Ill He Asks Sweetest Question.

By the age of 31, Chris Salvatore had already carved out a name for himself as a singer-songwriter, actor, and model. Immersed in the West Hollywood show-biz life, it would’ve been easy for Chris to focus on his career and fail to notice the ailing 89-year-old woman across the hall. Instead, Chris and his neighbor formed a beautiful friendship.

Chris’s neighbor– Norma Cook– lived across the hall from him for 4 years. They’d always been friendly, sharing smiles and small talk, but when Chris heard that Norma had been hospitalized with leukemia, he realized that being neighborly just wasn’t enough.

Going home from the hospital without 24-hour care wasn’t possible for Norma and, without the means to pay for a home health nurse, the former octogenarian despaired of ever sleeping in her own bed again. But having a Millennial friend paid off!

Chris was able to set up a GoFundMe page to help Norma pay for care, bringing her back to her creature comforts. When funds dwindled and Norma faced the fear of losing her home of 30 years and having to move into a facility, Chris offered her the warmth of his own apartment. The two became inseparable best friends.

Chris set up a bed for Norma in his living room where she lived out her final days with a faithful friend at her side.

Norma passed away on February 15th at 1 a.m., after celebrating her final Valentine’s Day with her best friend at her side. Her last coherent words to Chris were “I love you.”

Norma and Chris’s beautiful friendship is truly an inspiration to us all.


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