Here’s The Outfit That Got This Woman Kicked Out Of A Restaurant (Photo)

A model and surfer says she was kicked out of a California restaurant on March 24 for wearing short shorts.

Anastasia Ashley took to Instagram to share the story with her followers, reports Independent Journal Review.

“I was just discriminated against in a restaurant for my shorts being too short. My shorts aren’t too short and I think as a woman I can choose the shorts I want to wear and I don’t need a restaurant to dress me and tell me what is appropriate or not,” she wrote.

“Does this look like an inappropriate California lunch outfit? and they aren’t even that short.”

Several of Ashley’s followers commented on the post, with many supporting her choice of outfit and defending her right to wear it.

“You’re perfectly dressed just not for them! Plenty of fine establishments that are more than happy to serve you! Don’t waste your time and money on a place that doesn’t respect you!” one reader commented.

“Daisy Dukes are always welcome in the South! And we have way way better ribs n que!”

Others felt that she might have been in violation of the restaurant’s dress code and that she should have followed their regulations.

“It’s called a dress code, many restaurants/clubs/etc. have them. Welcome to reality,” a reader wrote.

“I wouldn’t even say she is dressed appropriately for the beach or a friends house. I didn’t even notice that she had a white sheer shirt on with out a bra but now I can clearly see that. When we go out side there are children she is exposing herself too,” another added.

“Having respect for ones body is empowering. I don’t see anything empowering of I will dress like a s— because I can that’s empowering. It’s not being a role model. It’s contributing to the stripper culture and porn culture that people are trying to glamorize and it’s wrong.

One follower in particular pointed out an issue with her outfit that they believed may have contributed greatly to her being kicked out of the restaurant.

“As others have mentioned, you are clearly not wearing a bra. The fact that everyone can see your nips probably factored into their decision, whether or not they mentioned it,” the individual wrote.

A representative for the restaurant, Gulfstream, responded to the controversy by denying Ashley’s claims.

“She was here she was never asked to leave, those are just her interpretations, which are unfortunately not true.”

Sources: Anastasia Ashley/Instagram, Independent Journal Review / Photo credit: Anastasia Ashley/Instagram

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