Harley crashes but the rider lands like a boss!

Now, we’ve all heard some variation of the phrase “push your limits,” but I’m not certain everyone knows that generally doesn’t apply to inanimate objects. I mean, sometimes you’ll find some better built machinery but they all have very clear, set limits designed to keep all the parts working well together. When humans tend to try and push these boundaries, they wind up surprised it all somehow falls apart. This Harley rider being no exception.

There’s somewhat of a right way to take a turn on a motorcycle, and by somewhat I mean there’s a right way and a lot of wrong ways. This guy was trying to do it the wrong way, and could have wound up seriously injured had he not reacted as quickly as he did! See, when you turn on a motorcycle you push the handlebars in the opposite direction you want to turn and the bike will lean to do the rest. It’s incredibly fun, but you also need to keep a check on your speed to ensure you’re not leaning too far for the bike itself to handle.

Whoever this man is, didn’t account for the bike he was riding. As he pushed around a curve going faster than he really needed to, he loses control as the left side of the bike drags along the road. As the bike begins to roll in this patch of dirt on the right hand side, he quickly rolls himself so as not to take any serious damage. Immediately he knows the bike is pretty screwed, and a loud profanity bursts from his lips. Well, maybe next time, guy.