Grandma Teaches Deaf Baby Sign Language, And Her Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

Deafness is seen as a disability and can cause a lot of challenges in daily life, but when Pamela gets together with her children and grandchildren, it’s par for the course. Almost her entire family – including all five of her grandchildren – are deaf.

Being able to teach her grandkids sign language and speak to them in a way they will understand has helped Pamela form a special bond with all of them. When her daughter, Shari Joy McMahon, gave birth to daughter Aria a few months ago, Pamela was excited to start teaching her sign language too.

Just like babies who can hear pick up language by listening, deaf babies can pick up sign language by watching others. Shari captured a video of Pamela and 9-week-old Aria conversing, and the sweet moment has since gone viral.

You can tell by watching the video that Aria is intently paying attention to every word her grandma is saying. As Pamela talks, she asks Aria questions and then helps the baby sign back, and eventually Aria starts making some signs on her own.

After seeing the video, Facebook user Jacinda Levesque Grigaitis kindly translated it for those of us who don’t know sign language. Jacinda herself can hear, but her parents and sister are deaf so she is fluent in sign language. The conversation is just precious:

Yes, you’re funny.
Grandma, sign grandma.
You’re funny.
Can you sign grandma?
(She helps the baby sign grandma.)
Yes! That’s grandma!
Oh, my, grandma, yes, that’s it!
(She helps the baby sign grandma.)
Yes! Grandma, yes!
(It looks like the baby is signing yes.)
Yes, grandma, yes.
(She helps the baby sign grandma.)
Oh, no, I’m not forcing her. Okay. Okay.
Oh, my. So cute.

How special to be able to pass on her own language to her granddaughter! We’re sure Pamela and Aria will have a special bond for the rest of their lives!

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