G’pa Has Never Seen Colors Before. When He Puts On Glasses His Reaction Had Me In Tears

Most of us take the ability to see color for granted. We look at the blue sky, the green grass, the yellow bees, and appreciate their beauty, but we don’t really think about what life would be like if we couldn’t see those colors at all.

For those living with color blindness, though, the world looks a whole lot different.

There are three main types of color blindness – red-green, the most common, blue-yellow, and total color blindness, which is rare. Basically, people with color blindness aren’t aware of differences among colors that are obvious to those with normal vision.

Incredibly, though, new technology developed by EnChroma is allowing people with color blindness to see the world around them the way it was meant to be seen. When people with red-green color blindness put on the special glasses from EnChroma, they are able to see colors in a way they have never been able to before.

When this man’s family surprised him with a pair of the special glasses, he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When he put the glasses on, though, he realized just what he had been missing all these years, and his reaction is heart-melting.

“It’s so clear I can’t believe it!” he exclaimed as he wiped away tears from his eyes.

Seeing the world in color for the first time was so overwhelming that he had to keep taking the glasses off at first, but as he adjusted to the vibrant colors around him he was able to soak it all in and enjoy the whole new world that was now before him.

We hope someday every single person with color blindness will be able to experience these amazing glasses for themselves. What an incredible gift!

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