Fit Woman Snaps Photo Of Stranger On Treadmill, Then Mocks Her ‘Love Handles’

Diana Andrews is a bodybuilder from London with a huge following. Many look to the fit woman as inspiration for their health and weight-loss goals.

However, Diana left many of her followers disappointed when she fat-shamed a woman working out at the gym. Without permission, she took a photo of a woman running on a treadmill while holding a phone.

Diana snapped a photo with the caption “love handles,” and then posted another message saying, “I bet she’s ordering burgers for delivery.”

“This is why most people hate going to the gym to try and better themselves,” one follower said.

“Diana Andrews, my wife and I started as those overweight women in the gym. Together we lost over 200,” another said.

Many were quick to point out that it is completely backwards to shame someone’s body while they are clearly working toward self-improvement. Even if the person wasn’t at the gym, it still would not be OK.

Diana later apologized for the rude comments. However, many commented that the situation was many gym-goers’ worst fear come to life.

“I realize I was wrong to make this silly joke. It wasn’t my intention to body shame, hurt or disrespect anyone,” Diana said. “I saw this girl walking on the treadmill talking on her phone and I made a video and added a comment that she’s probably ordering takeaway.”

We can only hope that Diana is sincere in her apology. What do you think about this ordeal?

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