Firefighters were putting out the flames in this house – then see the dog carrying something in its mouth

It’s during times of crisis when the love of a parent truly begins to shine through all the darkness, and lets face it, the world is a dark and scary place. It rarely even dawns on a child just how many sacrifices are made for their sakes, or what all their mom or dad would be willing to do should their kids ever come face to face with something that would bring them harm. What’s even more touching is how that mentality stretches across the boundary of species, especially when speaking about mothers.

This home in Santa Rose de Temuco, Chile was home to a family before catching fire the other day. The family made it out of the blaze, but their dog Amanda was nowhere to be found. Firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the flames, but even after going through the home they still couldn’t see head nor tail of the beloved family pet. With the knowledge that everything they knew and loved went up in smoke they hoped Amanda had simply run off to somewhere safe, all without knowing just how close she’d actually been.

See, Amanda had just given birth ten days prior to the fire and her little puppies were in no shape to walk out or escape on their own. So that wonderful mother made trip after trip through the flames, picking up a single puppy at a time to carry them out to safety. Unbeknownst to the family or the first responders, Amanda had been carrying out her babies and placing them right on the steps to the fire truck right outside the home! Even though each trip was more difficult than the last she persevered and kept at it.

After what must have felt like an eternity to Amanda, she managed to rescue every single one of her puppies. Utterly exhausted she finally laid down beside them all, curled and panting but knowing she needed to stay alert just in case she kept her eyes and ears open. When the family and the firefighters discovered them they immediately called in to a vet to come take a look and ensure the worst of it was over for the poor pups, and their mom.

This is the kind of story you tell your kids at night and hope they understand the true significance behind it. There’s no danger a parent wouldn’t face to protect their kids, to keep them safe so they too can grow up and find something of their own worth protecting to that extent. It’s a story about love, and those are the kinds of things we need to see more of.