Firefighters Emerge From The Forest, Haunting Words They Sing Go Viral

People these days have a lot of problems. Issues with race, sexuality and the police have all been brought up time and again, but somehow through all of these complaints there’s hardly been a peep about the brave men and women among fire crews. Especially with the amount of forest fires we’ve been witnessing these past few years it’s never been a more important task, and those who answer the call do so without any qualms about it. They love what they do, and that much is beautifully obvious with some of the crap they get into.

Take this Samoan Hotshot fire crew for instance. For four weeks they’re forced to train together before being allowed to hike through the forests. During that training period is when most of the bonds are created, bonds that’ll last long beyond when the group is no longer able to perform the job due to age or medical issues.