He Films His Backyard During A Hailstorm, But Keep Your Eyes On His Pool … Wow

I’m sure Oklahoma City is a wonderful place, but when the weather turns, look out! Case in point is this absolutely incredible footage of what things can get like in the city which coins itself “The Big Friendly”.

Located smack in the heart of “tornado alley”, Oklahoma City is not just the state capitol, it could also be considered the tornado capitol of the U.S. When you have one hell raiser show up at a party, he’s usually surrounded by a few more. Such is the case with tornadoes. They have friends that they bring along for the storm weather ride and they can be just as intense as the tornado itself. They include gusty winds, lightning strikes, hard rains, and heavy hailstorms. Here on May 16th of 2010 we have footage from a gathering of some of these elements as they came together and did some very hard partying poolside.

This guy’s pool quickly became served on the rocks as monster sized balls of ice reigned down hard and heavy. So furious they were, and so nonstop, that it actually looks like his pool is a massive pot of boiling water! This is pure Mother Nature doing her thing in grandiose fashion!ind speeds were around 50 mph, but reached gusts of over 60 mph. The final tally? An estimation of $595 million dollars in damages! This ranks as one of the most expensive of Mother Nature’s hailstorms in North America. After watching this video, you will see why the dollar amount destruction is so high as you envision all the homes, autos, windows and wreckage that this hailstorm likely caused.

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