Entitled Customer Steals 2 Spots, Big Mistake With What She Returned To


photo of a pointed prank on a person who double-parked at Walmart went viral.

The amusing photo, shared by WGME on its Facebook page, showed the inconsiderate shopper’s car fenced in by shopping carts as revenge for taking up two parking spaces.


Many readers applauded the shoppers who fenced in the person’s car for their actions.

“People shouldn’t take up two spaces and I dont, but saying that if u love ur car and want to keep people who don’t give a damm opening their doors and hitting ur car with it really passes me off,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“I do hate it when people do this, the other day I was in Walmart , I came out to find a Hugh truck parked so close to me I couldn’t get in my car, he was like 6 INCHES from my car, I’m not to bendy these days, n my car has two sets n a council, to climb over, I not real comfy with being out in the dark unable to get in my car, I went back in n explained my prob, one of Walmart’s employees when out with me, she was gonna vlimb over n drive forward. As she is about to do this the old man came out, n I said is this your truck, he said yes, I asked if he realized how close he was to my car, he said I’m moving it now, no I’m sorry I parked in your parking place n mind, people can sometimes be so insensitive to common decency,” one WGME reader commented.
“WELL…maybe if people were more courteous about other peoples vehicles and didnt OPEN their Doors into them and parked correctly themselves, then others wouldnt have to feel like they need two spots to park…YOU can thank ALL the Idiots that have NO Respect for other peoples vehicles !!! The ideot that did this is someone with No Respect for others,” another wrote.

“What really irks me is sometimes when u pull in to a parking space the other person is parked like this so you just move over and the other person leaves and the next one comes and leaves a nasty note on your car!” another added.

Others pointed out the fact that the circumstances behind the double parking were not being considered.

“This is hilarious until you think what if it was a little old lady whose car broke down during snow storm. Look at the snow right side of ground. You park per the other cars at time and you drive where there is a way when no lines in snow. I had shared this one and thought both funny and what’s the story behind it. Most people try to park correctly unless having a problem or snow,” one reader commented.

Sources: Mad World News/Facebook, WGME/Facebook / Photo credit: Jared C. Benedict/Wikimedia Commons, WGME/Facebook