DIY Lace Window Treatment With Cornflour


Are you looking for creative ways to add extra privacy to your room? Instead of using heavy blinds and curtains to cover the windows and block the sunlight, you can do some unique treatments on the windows and still allow the beautiful natural light to enter the room. Here’s a perfect example.

In this tutorial, Annabel Vita comes up with a creative idea of DIY lace window treatment with cornflour. It’s super easy, cheap and quick to do. Basically you’ll need to paint the window with a cornstarch paste, press the lace firmly on the window and then apply cornstarch again. When it’s dry, it’s done. The finished result is beautiful and elegant. It lets the sunlight in and provides privacy. It’s such a great way to transform your plain window into a decorative piece. In addition, it’s easy to peel off and won’t damage the window. So it’s great for renters who cannot make permanent upgrades to their rooms.


Check out the full tutorial on how to decorate your windows with lace treatment here…

Annabel Vita – Lace window treatment with cornflour tutorial