DIY Fairy Lantern Tutorial


I love all things magical and mystical. Unicorns, leprechauns, bigfoot. It’s fun to believe. Another mythical being that I have been fond of since my youth…fairies. They are just so fun. Tinkerbell is the best, right? This DIY is all about those fun little pixies.

I am loving these fairies in a jar. They would be the perfect night light for any little girl’s room. They are quite easy to make too. Your basic supplies are tea lights, twine, clear glitter, white glue, tissue paper, and glass jars and lids. You are also going to need these cut outs from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. (Here are more details on how to make these.)

Needing more fairy crafts? These 10 DIYs from Babble should help you get your magic fix. I love the living room fairy door (number 7) and the fun wings (number 1). I’m going to be bookmarking these for later.