Dad Walks Scared Son Past Bullies, But Weeks Later He Stops Them Dead In Their Tracks With His Confident Response.

A YouTube video produced by American Family Insurance is making people all over the world teary-eyed. The commercial was only uploaded a week ago, but it’s powerful message has already inspired nearly 3 million people to pursue their dreams.

It all starts with a young boy watching dancers perform the traditional Flamenco dance on his phone. As his dad walks into the room, the boy quickly shuts off the device… but dad had a gift for him that would turn his world around forever.

His dad hands over a box containing a martial arts uniform. The boy is clearly hesitant at first, but he quickly gives in and begins his training. At first, he isn’t very good at the self-defense, but after a few hard weeks of training you can see him start to build confidence.

The day after the young boy wins his first trophy, the most beautiful thing happens. Dad walked into his room with another box, not unlike the first. But this time, instead of a martial arts uniform, the young boy finds the Flamenco costume he’d always wanted. He proudly left the house wearing his costume, and the way he reacts to the neighborhood bullies will totally make your day.

Check out his triumph below and share this beautiful moment today!