Dad Starts Filming Ultrasound, But When Mom Sees THIS On Screen She LOSES It

When Monica Price found out she was pregnant again, she and her husband were overjoyed. But something about this pregnancy felt different than her others.

They say mothers have a special intuition, and this story might just prove that!

Monica and her husband had been praying for twins, and from day one Monica just had a feeling that their prayers had been answered. She noticed that her belly felt larger, and she said her daughter even seemed to know something was up, referring to the “babies” inside her mom’s belly instead of “baby.”

When the family went in for an ultrasound at nine weeks and four days, Monica asked her husband to film the special moment. “I just had a feeling it was twins and that it would be something we would want recorded to re-watch forever,” she said.

Click below to see what the ultrasound revealed!

Monica is glad she had her husband record the revealing. As soon as she heard there were two babies, she gasped and told the technician, “I thought so!” as she cried tears of joy.

The moment was such a special one that the family will be able to relive for years to come! I’m sure the twins will love knowing just how excited their family was to learn they would be joining them!

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