Dad Cries When Soldier Son Sends Birthday Message, Then His Real Gift Walks In The Door

Turning 50 isn’t just another birthday.

After turning 21, some people find that birthdays start to lose their spark. The age of 25 is somewhat a milestone, but it usually sends 20-somethings into a quarter-life crisis. However, we have to remember that every birthday is a blessing, no matter how unglamorous aging may seem to the naked eye.

Turning 50 is a huge accomplishment. You’ve lived through half a century. You’ve overcome many personal battles, both big and small. Hopefully, when you turn the big five-oh, you’ll be surrounded by all of your friends and family who have been there all along to support you.

When this man was having his 50th birthday party, however, there was one very important person missing from the room decorated with streamers and banners: his son, who is a soldier, deployed and on duty.

When he sat in his chair to watch a video message from his boy, he was overcome with both happiness to see his face, and sadness because he couldn’t give him a big hug on this big day. His son, in a prerecorded video, guessed that his burly dad would be shedding tears after just a few moments of the video, and he was right.

If only this man could get just a few hours with his brave son on his 5oth birthday. It would really mean the world to him if he were to simply walk through the door…

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