Couple hold yard sale after baby dies. Then cops show up at their house looking for a crib

The Swaney family was setting up for their annual garage sale when two police officers suddenly showed up to their home. Samantha Swaney immediately knew that she would probably have to find her permit to show the officers that they had received approval from the city for their garage sale. That wasn’t the reason, however, the police had come. Earlier that day, these police officers had received an emergency call about an unresponsive infant in the neighborhood. When they came to the scene, the police officers were startled to find that the family didn’t have a crib for their baby. So, being the kind-hearted officers they were, they decided to go hunt down a crib when they came across the Swaney’s garage sale.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a crib for sale in Swaney’s garage sale. There was, however, a crib tucked away in the Swaney’s basement. The police officers didn’t know that though, and I was in total disbelief with what the Swaneys decided to do…

It was time for this crib to have a new home. The police officers accompanied Don Swaney up to the attic in order to retrieve the crib. Samantha Swaney believes that it was fate that drove these two police officers to stop by their garage sale,

“These two gentleman did so much more than they knew… They rushed to the aid of someone in our community, saved the life of a little baby, and helped her parents. And they gave me a way to let go of one of the biggest things I was holding onto from my son’s cut-short life.”

What a heartwarming story of two police officers going above and beyond and a family finally finding peace amidst a terrible tragedy. What did you think about this story? We want to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below!

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[Source: Facebook – Conyers Police Department]