Couple Who Fed Son To Pigs Found Living In Horror House (Photos)


Image Credit: Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office

When police were called in to arrest Michael A. Jones, 44, for shooting at his wife Heather Jones, 29, they hadn’t expected to uncover a house of horrors underneath the abusive family.

It wasn’t long after Jones was arrested that police were informed that he and his wife were father and stepmother to a 7-year-old son named Adrian, who has been missing.


Image Credit: Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office

They then discovered human remains on the property. They have not been identified, but it is believed that it is the body of Adrian.


Image Credit: Kansas Department of Corrections
If this is the case, it means that the couple killed him and fed him to pigs before they buried him on the property.


Image Credit: Family Handout

But that’s not where this horrific tale ends. The family home was in an incredibly filthy condition, even though it was shared with six daughters and their late son.


Syringes and pornographic videos were just a few among the items and trash that littered the scene, alongside rat poison, cages filled with rats, and several dead mice. Food wrappers and spoiled food were strewn across the floor.

Even black mold was growing around.


There were also bullet holes scattered on the walls, and a bathroom was entirely destroyed while the swimming pool had become ruined.


Needless to say, the property owner was beyond shocked at the state of the home she had rented to the Jones.


She started a GoFundMe to raise money for repairs, and is now at a loss as she and her deployed husband had put their life savings into the house and had it rented out as the Jones seemed like a good family.

The Jones are now being held and charged with child abuse and first-degree murder.